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Retocar fotos de empresa para que queden perfectas


The company photos that we show in the different media (both printed and telematic) are our showcase to the public, and in a culture as visual as ours, an important part of the image we project abroad.

On many occasions, the original photographs that are made do not reflect that image we want to give. Sometimes there are annoying elements that, by the conjuncture of the moment, there is no choice but to photograph them, as it is the case of the image of this article, where it can be clearly seen that, just that day, they were doing some improvement works.

As you can see, the image was perfect, we simply had to eliminate the undesirable objects, add other strategic ones such as the foreground turf and improve the color to give more life to the whole.

If you want to see a sample of our touch-ups for companies, click HERE .

Send us your images and we send you a quote without commitment, our prices are very competitive. If you send us several images we can make a more adjusted budget. We are convinced that we will surprise you.

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